Russian Food now offers a tremendous variety of Russian food products to fill up your kitchen or dining room table.  We carry many varieties of high quality, Russian foods including delicious appetizers, classic entrees, imported seafood, oven-fresh breads, delicious desserts, as well as drinks and more—we have something for everyone! produces a wide range of smoked meats to suit every palette.  We also produce many varieties of the wildly-popular smoked sausages, plus many cuts of chicken, pork, and beef.   If you are looking for appealing fish products, you’ve come to the right place.  We have the traditional Russian favorites you grew up with, from herring to whitefish, turbot to mackerel, and many varieties of smoked and dried fish, plus many other seafood delicacies.

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When the average American thinks of Russian food, they may picture potatoes and pot roast, carrots and other simple, rustic dishes.  However, Russian foods are actually part of the American diet: steak tartare, chicken Kiev, pilaf, kasha and pyrohi—are all Russian foods that most of us have enjoyed, if not eaten. 

One all-time Russian food staple is borschor beet soup.  This dish is one of Russia’s most famous foods, and is filled with hearty vegetables and meat.  The layered flavors go particularly well with a bit of fresh sour cream. has all of the ingredients you need to make your own borsch, and we offer several varieties pre made, in our grocery section, as well.

Everyone loves pirozhki.  These small pastries can be filled with a wide variety of meat, potatoes, cabbage, or cheese. has many varieties of this traditional Russian food. partners with many of the leading Russian food manufacturers—including fisheries, bakeries, grocers, and meat markets, to always insure that our food is fresh, and of the highest quality.  When you order from, we skillfully pack your order, and then ship it via FedEx—so that you receive your food fresh, and quickly. is also your one-stop caviar headquarters.  This Russian delicacy is a favorite worldwide, and this food makes a great addition for the holidays, a party, or any other special occasion.  Find out more about our incredible caviar offerings here.

Caviar is often served with blini, which are similar to pancakes or crepes.  This Russian food often includes one of a wide range of fillings, such as cheese, jam, onions, and sometimes even chocolate syrup.

As you browse through our expansive array of Russian foods, feel free to order exactly what you want.  Try some old favorites—or be adventurous, and try a few new items…whatever Russian food you like, you can order it safely with your online shopping cart, via our secure server.

Pelmeniare pastry dumplings, filled typically with meatballs.  They are often served solo, topped with butter or sour cream; or they can be dropped in a soup broth.  This food is a favorite in Russia, and beyond!

Of course, sour cream, or slivki, is a great accompaniment to just about every traditional Russian food, including soups, crepes, and on occasion, desserts! stocks several great sour creams, imported directly from Russia.

We offer a wide range of desserts, including rugalach and cakes, cookies, to ice cream, an all-time Russian favorite (called morozhenoe).  Rounding out our Russian food section is a full range of beverages, including tea, mineral water, sodas, and Russian vodkas, that are hard to find in the states. is proud to offer one of the widest selections of Russian foods on the East Coast.  If you don’t see something you want…ask us!  And if you have any questions about ordering, shipping—or just need a great cooking suggestion—let us know; we’ll be happy to help.