Smoked Fish

Smoked fish has a timeless appeal, and there are a wide range of varieties and tastes available. offers an incredible array of smoked fishes, from Russian classics like taranka to American favorites such as lox.

Smoked fish originally derived from the need to preserve fish in cold climates. The fish was salted and dried with a fire; the smoke was a natural byproduct. Today, smoked fish is enjoyed as a matter of choice. proudly continues this tradition, offering both classic favorites and the latest in smoked fish delicacies.

The inviting smell and delicate taste of smoked fish is unique. There are two types of smoked fish. “Hot-smoked” means the fish is cooked by the smoke. “Cold-smoked” means the fish is cured by the smoke. This curing process permits the fish to retain its firm texture, and natural fattiness and moisture. Smoking allows the fish to retain their smoky taste and scrumptious skin. smokes fish in our brick-fired ovens, and also partners with first-rate smoked fish suppliers from across the globe. carries a wide range of smoked fish delicacies. Read below to find out about some of the great varieties we carry, or click on any product image to learn more.

It is common today for “lox” to refer to salmon which has been cured in salty brine—not by smoking. However, Nova or Nova Lox receives a milder salt cure—and light smoking, making it a true smoked fish. uses only the finest imported and Alaskan salmon for its smoked salmon. Our fish are hand-split, then filleted. The fish are then cured for several days, and then cold-smoked for an additional 12 hours.

One smoked fish favored for its taste, texture, and clean white flesh is Sablefish, sometimes called Black Cod. After it is filleted, sable is cured in a salt and garlic brine, brushed with paprika seasoning, and then cooked and smoked. Sable is one smoked fish that has a subtle, yet distinctive taste, and is a favorite with chefs.

Mackerel is a favorite—both in Russia, and throughout the Northeast. Our mackerel combines the best of both worlds. This smoked fish is caught in cold, clear waters (both in Alaska, and Russia). It is immediately salt-brined, cooked, and smoked to golden-brown perfection! sells this smoked fish whole, in vacuum-packed fillets in lemon-peppered fillets, and many other varieties.

Herring is one of the all-time smoked fish favorites. And when it comes to catching herring, the colder the water, the better! Our fisherman in Russia pack heavily-salted herring fillets in barrels. After, the herring are soaked to remove most of the salt, and then salted and pickled using just the right mix of spices. Smoked herring are smoked to perfection.

Smoked fish is the perfect addition to any food or beverage—from beer to vodka, baked potato to gourmet meal, or as an addition to sandwiches. is adding new varieties of smoked fish all the time…so if you want a smoked fish, and you don’t see it hear, be sure to ask us!