Wholesale Gourmet Food

OlmaFood.com is your single source for tasty, eye-appealing domestic and ethnic wholesale gourmet foods that your customers will love to eat. Every gourmet food we sell is handpicked by us for its taste, quality, and value—and because it remains true to the original traditions and cultures from which it came. By doing this, we provide the sophisticated wholesale gourmet food buyer with a consistent menu foundation that will attract customers, and drive your business.

OlmaFood.com, headquartered in Brooklyn, NY is a wholesale gourmet food manufacturer and distributor. Our customers include top restaurants, delis, caterers, groceries, institutions, and more.

OlmaFood.com is the leading wholesale gourmet food distributor in Brooklyn. We supply wholesale specialty foods directly imported from Russia, Europe, Israel, the Middle East, and many other countries from across the globe.

In addition to selling a wide range of gourmet foods, and international and national brands, we also manufacture and distribute our own line of “Olma” caviar. This high-end label of caviar is well-respected and sold in dozens of high-end stores nationally.


OlmaFood.com delivers our wholesale gourmet foods to customers in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania via state-of-the-art delivery trucks. We offer flexible delivery schedules that meet your needs, and consistently deliver orders on-time, and in the correct amounts. OlmaFood.com makes every effort to ensure your wholesale gourmet foods are delivered fresh, with the utmost care.

Cash and Carry

OlmaFood.com also offers cash and carry services from our wholesale gourmet foods warehouse. For buyers located in the NY metro area, you may pick up items directly from our warehouse, during normal business hours.

Since our beginning in 2001, we’ve understood the unique needs of the wholesale gourmet foods buyer. With this in mind, we have been providing you with great-tasting foods that can expand your menu options and increase your profitability—quickly, and with a minimum of effort.

There are many advantages to opening a wholesale gourmet foods account with OlmaFood.com—including lower prices, and in some cases, reduced shipping costs. Call us or email today for more information on opening a wholesale gourmet foods account today.