Seafood Products
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Real Crab Meat 5.3oz(150g) glass jar
Price:  $24.99
Cod Liver 4.0oz(115g)
Price:  $2.99
Whole Shrimps cooked
Price:  $4.99
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Masago Caviar 2.5oz(70g)
Price:  $2.99
Baby Octopus Salad 4.6oz(130g)
Price:  $4.99
Calamari Salad 4.6(130g)
Price:  $3.99
Seaweed Salad 5.3oz(150g)
Price:  $3.49
Kani Stick 1.1lb(500g)
Price:  $6.99
Natural Crab Meat 5.3oz(150g)
Price:  $13.99